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Get the experience of a multi-billion dollar Chief Investment Officer with the delivery of your friendly and favorite older brother. Your audience will learn simple frameworks to manage, protect, and grow their wealth from an award-winning advisor, author, and Chartered Financial Analyst.

Conference keynote, educational workshops, finance events, panel discussions — you name it, Peter can do it.

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Life Is Complex, Your Finances Shouldn’t Be

You don’t need to be an expert to make smart choices with money. 

As the Chief Investment Officer of over $6 billion in assets at Plancorp, and the author of “Making Money Simple,” Peter is obsessed with helping people’s most common: question, “Am I doing the right thing with my money?” 

As a go-to source for top media outlets like CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, Peter is known for his remarkable ability to help people navigate murky money decisions with practical and actionable advice. 

Popular presentations share simple frameworks your audience can use to navigate important personal finance decisions with confidence and clarity. From career transitions to buying and selling a house, or rebalancing your portfolio, if it has a dollar sign attached to it, Peter is excited to optimize it. 

When not speaking on stage, Peter can be found studying markets, behind a microphone hosting “The Long Term Investor” podcast, or writing about money and investing on his popular blog at

Presentation Topics

Navigating Uncertain Markets

The future is uncertain, which creates inevitable risk for your finances. Your ability to manage these risks will determine your success in investing. With markets near all-time highs, it has never been more important to understand how to approach volatile markets. This presentation will shift the odds in your favor by sharing…

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In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • Where We Are In the Current Market Cycle and Implications For Your Portfolio 
  • The Best Predictors For Future Market Returns
  • Investment Strategies For Approaching Volatile and Uncertain Markets

Making Money Simple

Life is complex, but your finances shouldn’t be. This practical presentation provides step-by-step guidance to create a system for financial success. Attendees will walk away with clarity on the key areas to focus on in their finances, as well as simple systems to automate smart decisions with their money.

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In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • The Power of Compounding
  • How to Create a System to Meet Your
  • Short and Long-Term Goals
  • Learn Where to Save For Retirement
  • Should You Invest or Pay Down Debt
  • Easy Ways to Build an Emergency Fund
  • Introduction to Investing

Investing to Meet Your Goals

While it’s obvious investing is essential to grow your wealth, it’s not clear where to start or how to know if you’re on track to hit your financial goals. After attending this session, attendees will understand common mistakes to avoid, how emotions impact investing decisions, and how to build a portfolio around your goals.

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In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • The Importance of Investing
  • Understanding the Common Mistakes Investors Make
  • Building a Portfolio to Meet Your Goals
  • How and Where Invest Your Savings
  • Facing the Realities of Market Downturns

Financial Planning: Do It Yourself Or Hire An Advisor

The perfect presentation for an audience that could use help with their finances, but isn’t entirely sure where to start. Hiring an advisor can be a terrific choice, but hiring a bad advisor can do more harm than good. And for many people, a do-it-yourself approach or utilizing the increasingly capable technology options to meet their needs may be the best fit.

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In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • Examine Your Current Financial Health
  • Define Your Financial Goals
  • Identify Whether You Need Help or Should Do It Yourself
  • Understand the Different Types of Financial Advisors
  • Foolproof Ways to Find and Interview an Advisor

All presentations can be tailored to your audience for complexity or depth based on your needs. 

Additional presentations are available on more specific topics such as equity compensation, estate planning, tax minimization, current market trends, investor psychology, ESG investing, factor investing, Millennial investing trends, writing, advisor marketing, and more.

Please see FAQs about hiring Peter to moderate or sit on a panel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if we do not know if our event will be virtual or live yet?

This is not a problem. Peter can adapt his presentation for virtual or in-person based on what you need. Keep Peter updated once you verify the details, or if circumstances change. He’ll make any adjustments needed and be ready to speak either way.

What makes Peter different from other speakers?
  • Promotion to 15k email subscribers. Your event gets more than a speaker, they get a promotion partner. Peter is willing to promote the event to his social media followers and 15k+ email list. 
  • Top-Rated Advisor in the US. Awarded a top advisor four years in a row and top 10 in the United States out of more than 100,000 independent financial advisors by Investopedia. 
  • Custom talks for every audience. Past audiences have been diverse. You can trust Peter will know how to create custom content tailored to your event. Prior attendees have been everything from hourly workers to executives and professionals such as physicians, attorneys, and tech employees.
  • Entertaining and engaging. Peter’s style isn’t just a presentation, it’s a performance. Stories and interactive audience exercises keep the audience engaged and actively learning.
  • Diverse experience. The insight Peter shares are built from working with a wide range of investor types and knowledge. He can scale the complexity up or down to suit the needs of the audience.
Will Peter speak for free at our event?

Usually, when a speaker presents for free they need to then sell from the stage to generate business opportunities to pay for their time. Peter prefers to focus on educating your audience with practical and quality financial insights rather than sell to them. Therefore, Peter does not speak for free so that he can stay focused on giving your audience value when presenting. 

How many events does Peter speak at yearly?

In a typical year, Peter typically speaks at 5-10 events. This is on the lower end for professional speakers because he prefers to balance his speaking with his writing, podcasting, and other public appearances. His deliberate balance between learning, writing, and speaking about finance allows him to bring a consistently fresh and current perspective on wealth and money management topics.

I’ve got other questions, how should I connect with Peter?

If you’re interested in having Peter speak at your event, the best way to start the conversation is to fill out the booking form above. 

If you have any questions you need answered before you can start the form, please send an email to: [email protected].


Peter Lazaroff, CFA, CFP® is a financial advisor, speaker, and author of the book Making Money Simple.


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