My Top Articles for The Wall Street Journal in 2017

It was such an honor to begin contributing to The Wall Street Journal last year. Now I’m even more excited because two of my articles (that appeared online and in print) were included in the Top 5 Investing Posts.

Before You Roll Over Your 401(k), Read This

Coming in at #2 on the list, this article talks about the common practice of rolling a 401(k) account into an individual retirement account (IRA).

Financial advisors are quick to encourage individuals transitioning into new jobs or who are near retirement to do a “rollover.” It’s the automatic move for many investors. And on the surface, it may make sense: If you are moving on from your employer, shouldn’t your money move as well?

However, if any of these four scenarios apply to you, the answer may be no – and you might need to rethink your rollover plans.

Check out the original WSJ version (behind paywall) or my blog version here.

Why Alternative Investments Are Bad for Your Portfolio

At #5 on the list was an article that questions investor – and, maybe more importantly, advisor – enthusiasm for alternative investments.

It’s never been easier for investors or their advisors to add alternative investments to their portfolios. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that alternatives will improve your returns, enhance diversification, or shield your portfolio in a down market.

Alternative strategies aren’t inherently bad, but they are likely to lead to bad outcomes for investors without a solid understanding of the underlying strategies and realistic expectations for the range of possible outcomes.

Check out the original WSJ version (behind paywall) or my blog version here.

Other Wall Street Journal Articles From 2017

While these didn’t crack the top five, below are the other articles I wrote for The Wall Street Journal last year. Not all of them have found their way to my blog, so some link to the original WSJ version behind a paywall.

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